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It has been a long time since Trish Stratus and Lita retired. To think they retired in 2006, which is precisely 8 years ago.

Ever since their departure, it has been difficult to bring the divas division at par with the level of competition this famous rivalry had. Ever since their departure, divas like Mickie James, Melina, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix have all had some great career moments but none came close to the essence of a great rivalry.

They could have but it never happened. And ever since then, there have been questions of who The next Trish Stratus is going to be, given that WWE began hiring models to be wrestlers in their pursuit to have another Stratus-esque diva. But, till date, that pursuit has been void.

Things seemed to change once AJ Lee Started getting featured in storylines and so did Eve Torres. Eve’s heel turn and AJ’s crazy turn left the audience to speculate a future Wrestlemania match. These were the two divas that had something to call a gimmick and they had more screen time and character development than the whole divas division combined. That match never came to fruition.

What has come to fruition is the feud between Lee and Paige. Very much anticipated, it kicked off a night after Wrestlemania 30 and Paige’s eventual title victory received one of the biggest pops of the night- something literally unheard for the divas in the longest time. But they are yet to have a rivalry that can equal Trish-Lita.

There seems to be something missing every time they face each other.
They are two of the best wrestlers around and their matches have been better than many diva title matches in years but they are still a bit sloppy some times.

The last match and last build up to their NoC match was better than anything before. We haven’t seen much of Paige ever since. And that seems to be better given that the title just can’t oscillate between these two divas alone. In a span of 5 months, Lee has become a champion 3 times and Paige, in the first five months of her career has already been a 2 time champion.