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Since the former WWE champion Roman Reigns returned to the company after his 30 days suspension, he has been undergoing a push which has come multiple times.

Recently on the WWE Monday night RAW, it was announced that Roman Reigns would be facing WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens in a singles match and that if Roman Reigns eventually defeats Kevin, there will then be a triple threat match at Clash of Champions involving Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens contending for the Universal championship title.

It is revealed that Roman Reigns and Rusev still has unfinished deal which we had thought that after Kevin Owens won the Universal title, Reigns will have to continue his feud against Rusev which has never made sense for once. The last match did’nt hold at Summerslam based on what Reigns did to Rusev who attacked him. And now, Rusev is not in WWE, he has gone out with his wife Lana for their honeymoon.

Well, Roman Reigns must be involved in a feud possibly with Chris Jericho while WWE is still pushing him. This means that the likely scenario for the upcoming episode of Raw would be Chris Jericho costing Roman Reigns the match, and setting up a separate program with him. Currently, Jericho is in an alliance with Kevin Owens, terming their pairing as JeriKO.