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With all the recent reports on top superstars leaving WWE, it is obvious that WWE would be losing almost all good talents for no just cause.

Recently, report has it that Rhyno who is tag member with Heath Slatter reveals his plans of leaving WWE soon. According to report by,‘The Gore Machine’ otherwise known as Rhyno is expected to leave the company very soon.

Apparently, Rhyno is disappointed with the way he has been booked. Four3Four also pointed out that backstage personnel had recently informed Rhyno that his “work ethic was lacking” and it cannot be accepted when he holds the Smackdown Tag-Team Championship.

Just this Sunday at TLC, Tag-Team Championship reign of Heath Slater and Rhyno came to an abrupt end courtesy of the new Wyatt Family. However, some rumors indicate that the title change is an indication that the former ECW World Champion Rhyno’s WWE stint is coming to an end.