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According to, quit a number of matches will be held on March 5th WWE Fastlane event in line with developing currently storylines.

However, we do not take it for granted that WWE is capable of changing anything, anytime — we all are well used to that be now.

that said, WWE has dropped another top Diva from the title picture after a huge loss at the previous PPV event, The WWE Royal Rumble — Yes, Barley has been dropped from The Raw Women’s Title.

While Bayley had a great showing in her match against Charlotte for The Raw Women’s Title at The Royal Rumble, she still came up short in what could be described as a pretty clean finish.

In fact, Charlotte was able to finish off Bayley by performing natural selection off the ring apron, which was referred to by announcers as the hardest part of the ring. While that is a perfect reason to have her lose and still look strong, it may also push her out of the title picture.

According to,” “The following matches will most-likely take place at the March 5th WWE Fastlane event based off of currently storylines:, WWE Universal Championship Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg, Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman United States Championship Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Sheamus and Cesaro Charlotte defending her RAW Women’s Championship Neville defending his WWE Cruiserweight Championship”

With that being said, one will notice that it only says that Charlotte will be defending her Women’s title at Fastlane, but doesn’t mention that it will be Bayley being her opponent. This leaves open the option of putting Nia Jax into the match at Fastlane, which would be a great way to not only introduce her into the title picture, but also be a great way to make Bayley look even more like an underdog.