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The top WWE was indeed a victim of an attack which came directly to him in his house by some men who claimed that Jamie stepped on their toes and so, for this simple reason, they followed him home and attacked him leaving him in a pool of his blood.

After the incident, it was reported that Jamie Noble was taken to the hospital for treatment because the wound sustained while wanting to defend himself against the criminals were numerously severe. It has been the talk and top post in social medial these days because Jamie is one star who is highly respected by lots of folks in the WWE Universe.

According to the report received after the onslaught, Jamie Noble was followed back home by three unknown men who claimed He had cut them off while driving. “this lead to WWE Star Attack In His House”. It was a real mess in his age as it came to him in his house.

Unfortunately, he did not address the men properly and they got violence with him and while they were struggling he got injured by one of the men who stab him twice on his back.
But as it turns out lock was on his side as good Samaritan nearby rush him to a nearby local emergency clinic.

Noble who last shown on television saw him hook up with Joey Mercury to form the J&J security, a popular combination that was in-charge of Seth Rollin’s Protection. Well, we only wish he recovers soon and get back to the WWE television.