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Report just reaching us spells it out that another WWE Superstar is currently under arrest in Hillsborough County, Florida, following a number of charges which include domestic violence.

According to report, Raymond “Adam Rose” Leppan was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday for interfering with a witness and battery domestic violence.

When enquiries were made, PWInsider detailed that the 36-year old suspended WWE Superstar broke the ground with his wife when they tried to iron out certain issues affecting their marriage. Just in the heat of it, Adam Rose lost his cool; and became physical with his wife. He then seized her face, dragged her to himself, and began screaming at her.

Ultimately, she tried to get her way out of the mess, took to the phone to call 911 but was prevented by Adam Rose. When the police eventually came to the scene, truthfully Adam Rose admitted that he prevented her from calling the police by seizing the phone; hence “tampering with a witness” charge was booked against him.

That is quite a misdemeanor in Florida; we bring you what WWE has to say about his future with them following his involvement with domestic violence shortly…