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According to CageSide Seats, another WWE has lost another Superstar and this makes such a huge shock to the WWE Universe.

It is said that you do not value what you have until you lose it. The WWE has not been serious with former champion until now that he is finally packing his back out of the company.

Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon humiliated Dave Batista during his the promo of his movie in 2014 and the mind of Batista was changed towards making an in ring return again to WWE.

“If I ever went back it would be a lot different, a lot different for sure. For one, I’d make sure even before I went back that I knew what I was getting into and they had a plan and stuck to it and I’d hold them accountable for what they promised me. The last time, I really didn’t and I’m really sorry about the way the whole thing went, man, still. I’m a little sour about it still.”

Unfortunately for the WWE Company, Dave Batista will not be returning to the ring again. He is done with the company for now. According to CageSide Seats, Dave Batista is likely to have cut ties with the WWE. This goes against his previous comments about possibly returning at some point for a retirement match.