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The name Finn Balor has carried huge force when mentioned because he is one of the leading superstars in the WWE NXT. Amongst his fellows, it seems to be that Finn Balor is the only one remaining still awaiting his WWE main rooster.

It really seems that everybody known as NXT former champions have all been debuted into the WWE main rooster, except the present champion Finn Balor who is still making preparations for his debut which is set to take place any moment from now. And in no mean time, we shall see him in feud for his debut may be some weeks later or thereabout.

Former NXT champions like Enzo Amore & Big Cass, The Vaudevillains and even Apollo Crews have gone to make their main rooster debut; this seriously means that the next champion line will no doubt be the Demon himself, Finn Balor. Several questions have been asked about his debut and this includes the place for his debut; that is, where will his debut take place? This question leaves a possible answer in the minds everybody to say may be on the episodes of the WWE Monday Night Raw, on the WWE SmackDown tapings or even on the WWE Battleground PPV.

It has not been confirmed where the debut will take place but we strongly believe it going to be on the WWE Battleground PPV.

More so, Finn Balor has really proven that he merits to be indeed debuted into the WWE main rooster because his talent in the NXT speaks better things for him. He has fought with great talents and defeated them and also been the champion over top superstars in the WWE NXT ground. Well, the WWE Battleground PPV is just the place to make his debut into the WWE main rooster.