WWE NEWS: At Last The Release Of 30-Year-Old WWE Superstar From The Company — See What He Said About His Release…

Today, another WWE Superstar has kicked for his release from the company. Well, as it were, no one saw it coming neither would anyone have believed that Stardust, also known as Cody Rhodes, would ultimately asked to be released from the company.

The report came to the fore like this; WWE encouraged their stars to run open twitter account but some still have private or secret accounts they use to do other personal jobs. That is the case with Cody Rhodes who made a tweet using the pseudonym “Hyrule Husky” to ask that the company let him go.

The truth is that Rhodes is a great talent who can function in different ways and assume different characters at different times. As a matter of fact, no one does the character thing better than he – fans have said as much – he is that kind of a child that makes their parents proud.

So things were working well for him in the company until the passing away of his dear father. After that incident, Rhodes changed noticeably.

Hence, the 30-year-old WWE star has made it known that he wished to be released by the company. But that is not going well with most fans who are rooting that he’s quite young and still having age by his side to opt for retirement now.

Plus that is that he’s married to the renowned WWE announcer Brandy Reed, who’s now Runnels. Therefore, his reason to quit the company may not be the best. He may just take a break for a year or two and find his way back to the company that he has been with for the past ten years.

We would miss the presence of the “great character” in the WWE, no doubt and we hope he someday finds his way back. And before we draw the curtain on his release from the company, there’s this match on RAW I love to talk about, it’s the match of Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins — it was such a great man.

See his tweets below: