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WWE really misses the presence of the former Diva champion Nikki Bella and as it, she has been away just for too long and this has become a very sad story for her fans in the WWE Universe.

It is obvious that Nikki Bella will soon be making her brave return to WWE, but it is revealed that things might change upon her return and this is really going to be strange to fans. Nikki may not be using her previous finisher Rack Attack; she may device a new style because she thought that Rack Attack led to her neck injury.

During a question and answer segment on Twitter, Nikki was asked if she will be using the Rack Attack when she return to WWE, she said no because she had suffered great pain because of the finisher and she even underwent surgery because of it as at January .

The return of WWE Diva Nikki Bella is sure to happen in a couple of months and it would somehow be a surprise to many in the ring and a threat to many other Divas. John Cena; Nikki’s boyfriend made his return to the ring few weeks ago and it is revealed that Cena was also out of action due to injury which also demanded surgery. Sooner than later, they will both be in WWE.