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No doubt, the great calamity that has befallen the TNA company for some time now is indeed a time of test and trial.

TNA has suffered lots of havoc financially that has even made them relocate their headquarters from where they were to a new location because they were unable to pay their lease. Performers also have found their way out because they were not being paid by the company.

It was revealed the company’s close associate that Booby Roode and Eric Young left to the WWE NXT because of this whole issue of payment, even Samoa Joe also.

According to reports from, TNA has cleared the payment of the two former TNA World Champions when they decided to leave the company and doesn’t owe them any amount of money.

Furthermore, regarding to this monetary setback, the company’s boss, Dixie Carter will have to give up majority ownership just to save the company. O what a pity. Who will help TNA?