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Sasha Banks To Be More Creative In Her WWE Career.

Not quite long the WWE banned Seth Rollins’ finisher curb stomp with the excuse that it is just too deadly and very simple for kids to perform at home and this has taken Seth back to his former finisher and it even seems that he is trying to come up with a new one.

More so, it is revealed that Randy Orton’s finisher punt kick was also banned and lately, according to report by, WWE has banned Sasha Banks’ finisher, the Bank Statement, because it resembles the Crippler Crossface that Benoit patented.

But, how come the WWE banns the finisher now? It is revealed that the finisher has been since the NXT days of Sasha Banks. Again, it is revealed that both Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella has used the move before.

Well, the WWE did not asked Sasha Banks to completely drop the finisher; she still uses some part of it as in the case of this week’s episode of RAW. Anyway, the reason for the bann as stated above is to prevent a likeness arising between Chris Benoit and not because the finisher was deadly or something else.

Finally, this will make Sasha to be more creative so as to come out with another finisher as she goes on with her career as a Diva Wrestler.