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The former WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns was suspended for 30 days due to violation of the WWE wellness policy. The news of his suspension was all around town and rumor saw this as a medium to spread.

It was reported that after his suspension, Roman Reigns was made to apoligised to people in the locker room because he was not a friend to the vice chairman of the WWE, Triple H. well, even after the whole mess, Roman Reigns did not denied the fact that he was drugged but admitted his mistake and apologized to the whole WWE Universe which includes fans and WWE officials alike.

It was rumored that Marijuana was tested in his him and it was positive but the reality of the rumor has not be made known. Whoever can tell whether or not this rumor is true or false? Anyway, reports reaching us now states that the main reason for the guy’s suspension was because he took a drug Adderall that was banned by the WWE and it is also worthy to note that this was also the drug that Adam Rose took when he was released.

Furthermore, Adderall is a legal drug used to treat ADHD but it side effect is that when a non patient takes it, it gives strength and can enhance performers in a the person and this was the drug which Roman Reigns took which led to his suspension. The report is so clear as it comes from The Wrestling Observer itself.

More so, the report also added to it by saying The Observer report noted that while Adderall is a legal drug used to treat ADHD, it is banned by most sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB and NCAA, because it can mask fatigue and pain, and it can make people more alert. So, we can now say that Roman Reigns took the drug just for it side effects.