WWE NEWS: Bad Update On Paige Having A Serious Mental Breakdown – Paige Reveals Her Plans Of Leaving WWE…

Some time ago, we reported that Paige’s return would take place next week being on the 9 of December. But it was also revealed that she would be hindered by her injury.

Paige was on Total Divas shows last week to promote her relationship with Alberto Del Rio which was announced last week also and report states that Paige didn’t have a wonderful time staying in the show.

When talking to Renee Young in the latest episode of Total Divas, Paige revealed that she had a mental breakdown, and was even planning on packing her bags and going to England. When Young brought up Paige’s relationship with Alberto Del Rio and how it concerned her and her friends, Paige replied that it was no one’s business.

She went on to say that nobody contacted her, apart from Renee and that the others just want to know about her situation with Del Rio for the sake of gossip. Renee refuted these claims, insisting it was out of concern and not for gossip.

Paige then went on a brief yet angry rant, about how her co-workers don’t need to know anything about her and said that she didn’t want to talk about it. She then stormed off.