WWE NEWS: Bad Update On Randy Orton After No Mercy Went Off Air – This Is Painful…

At the WWE SmackDown’s No Mercy PPV, Randy Orton who is fondly called The Viper faced off with Bray Wyatt in a very serious feud which many witnessed to be a match of the strongest.

Randy Orton has once faced Bray Wyatt in the previous PPV and won him but this time around, it seemed that the reverse was the case in their feud. Bray Wyatt made the win at No Mercy PPV against Randy Orton which made so many folks angry because the match was not supposed to be won by Wyatt if Luke Harper had not distracted Orton.

This was a report on how the match went; Orton and Wyatt exchange strikes and Orton looks to sustain his offence. He explodes out of the corner with a lariat and Irish Whips Wyatt who goes for a Sister Abigal’s Kiss but Orton hits him with a sweet Powerslam.

Orton goes for multiple RO’s but Wyatt counters and hits a modified Rock Bottom for a 2 count. Wyatt grabs Orton by his jaw and picks him up, only to throw him out of the ring. Wyatt joins him on the outside and lays him out on the steel stairs.

Wyatt goes for a Senton but Orton escapes and rolls out of the way. He smashes Wyatt face first into the announcer’s table repeatedly before delivering a back bodydrop on the barricade. When it seemed that Orton was dominating, Luke Harper of the Wyatt family made a surprising return to the ring and distracted Orton which then gave Bray Wyatt the chance to win Randy Orton. It was a painful experience anyway, what do you think?