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The WWE Diva Becky Lynch happens to be the first SmackDown’s women champion since after the brand extension.

Earlier this morning, it was reported that she may not be competing in No Mercy due to the fact that she has an injury. But according to source, the injury isn’t that severe which means that even though she misses the PPV, she would be right back in the ring by the next event.

It was reported that the SmackDown’s women champion will be out of action for 60 days, but but given that Becky Lynch is only expected to be out of action for a month if early estimates are to be believed, they may choose to keep the title on her while they find another opponent for Alexa Bliss, or reschedule the match entirely even.

At this announcement, so many fans grew weird and just wanted to ask a question or two. Some believed that Becky Lynch was suspended for the violation of wellness policy which lasts for a month at the first violation and 60 days for the second violation. Some of the folks in the WWE Universe believed that WWE was hiding the fact about Becky Lynch not showing up at No Mercy from them.

Well, the truth is that, the SmackDown women champion was not suspended, the true is just as the report has gone out that she was injured and would have to miss out in the event. So, Becky Lynch did not violated any wellness policy, she is only out because sustained an injury and that’s just it.