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The Shield was one of the most powerful tag teams in the WWE history and has achieved tremendously over the course of their reign as tag teams during the previous years.

The tag team was made up the three WWE former World heavyweight champions, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. But unfortunately, these trio has part ways with each other and each of them working as a single superstar in the ring of WWE.

It is revealed that the tag team broke up after the betrayal of Seth Rollins which he did by selling out to the Authority Triple H and co.

Recently, WWE has a new poll asking fans which former member of The Shield has benefited most from the group’s breakup. As of this writing 59% have voted for Seth Rollins while 26% went with Roman Reigns and the rest for Dean Ambrose. This vote is indeed fair because ever since the breakup of the Shield, Seth Rollins has been the most reigning and respected superstar followed by Roman Reigns before Dean Ambrose just as the pool went.

Dean Ambrose was the last of member of the former tag team, The Shield to lay hand on the championship title and he also has become a champion in WWE history just like every other member of his former club.