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WrestleMania, fans have been speculating about a possible match between the two at the 33th edition of the grand event.

Big show was interviewed by The Miami Herald during the promotion of SmackDown tapings, here is what he said about facing Shaq

“I think Shaq is like me at heart. He’s a big kid. He’s a huge wrestling fan, a huge WWE fan. He likes to get in the mix, get involved with it. We’ve been friends for a long time. I love the fact that he calls me out and talks trash. I’m down with that 110-percent. I know Shaq’s done some shout-outs on social media…I’m all for it. Absolutely. If anything, he’s picking on my favorite basketball player of all-time, Charles Barkley, every week.”

While talking about the brief WrrstleMania moment they had when Shaq showed up as a surprise entrance for the battle royal, Show said:

“That’s a credit to Shaq. There wasn’t a lot of preparation for that because he was working the Final Four. It was like a 15-20 minute talk we had about it, and then boom, he was back in Houston for the Final Four. Credit goes to Shaq. He really understands the entertainment value of the business and brings a great positive attitude about going out there and having fun. For me, I put the brakes on him to calm him down a little bit. ‘This isn’t the time for all this. Maybe down the road you and I will have a match-up 1-on-1.’”