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Bill Goldberg’s return to the WWE ring has caused a lot of backstage heat and did helped the ratings of RAW. Goldberg’s last match before he left WWE what with Brock Lesnar and another has been teased.

It’s a match that has taken 12 years in the making… The last match between Lesnar – Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20 proved to be bad for The Beast Incarnate and The greatest champion in WCW history kicked off the ass powerfully. In case, you missed it, relive it again:

The match was called down to the middle without any interference and as it would have been, Stone Cold went ahead and gave stunner to both the competitors after the match.

Don’t get your imaginations rolling as Stone Cold isn’t returning back to in-ring action, thanks to a neck injury that he suffered way back, but these two Goliath’s can bring the house down with their mere presence.

In case, that is going to happen, which I am sure, and so are you, we can expect to see a powerful fight at Survivor Series, unless they want to do it earlier or later to that.

We should all be expecting a match at this time and may be soon since Bill Goldberg has finally returned to the WWE. Wha dodt do you think?