WWE NEWS: Bill Goldberg Murders Paul Heyman – See Shocking Story…

Bill Goldberg finally returns to the WWE ring after 12 years of absence and has also accepted the challenge of Brock Lesnar for a match at Survivor Series.

It is revealed that Bill Goldberg made an action-packed appearance on the latest episode of Raw at Hartford, Connecticut.
First, it was the turn of former WWE United States Champion Rusev to face the music, as he tried to intervene in the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s business.

The Bulgarian Brute confronted Goldberg and told him that he doesn’t even know who he is, before attempting to attack the returning superstar. ‘The Man’ retaliated in the only way he knows best and delivered a powerful Jackhammer to Rusev.

Paul Heyman, who was already addressing Goldberg when Rusev interfered, was watching all this from the sidelines and immediately walked across to survey Rusev once the iconic WCW superstar was done with him.

However, Heyman did not even have the slightest idea about what was to follow as a devastating spear had the Beast Incarnate’s business advocate down on the mat in a matter of moments, leading to a raucous cheer from the crowd.

A few minutes after these events had transpired, WWE updated on their official website, as well as their Twitter page, that Paul Heyman was taken to Hartford Hospital as he complained of abdominal pain, following Goldberg’s spear.

There was no update on Heyman’s status for the next few hours, even as this week’s Raw came to an end. But later on, WWE.com confirmed that Lesnar’s advocate was released from Hartford Hospital on Monday night with bruised ribs.

Although the authenticity of Paul Heyman’s visit to the hospital remains in question, the events involving Goldberg at the start of Raw have surely added spark to the rivalry between him and Lesnar. It looks to be storyline injury that WWE would look to milk in the Lesnar-Goldberg feud.