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The former member of the Wyatt Family Braun Strowman has had it to himself a style and a renowned superstar who is currently making waves as single talent despite all that has ever happened in the past.

Braun Strowman is mentioned as one of the top RAW talents in the company even though he has never been crowned with a title yet. Braun Strowman acted strange on the last episode of the WWE Monday Night RAW when the WWE Universe was really expecting something from him, the superstar just walked out on The Undertaker who came to confront him in the ring.

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Initially, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns confronted each other before The Undertaker went on to interrupt Braun Strowman. It was said that the confrontation between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns planted the seeds for a potential WrestleMania 33 match.

Fans saw a very strange Braun Strowman in the ring as he walked away out on The Undertaker without any confrontation whether physically or verbally confrontion to the Phenom. Because of the strangeness of Braun Strowman behaviour, reported that it could mean that the two could face off in the future.

According to the segment between Strowman and The Undertaker can be actually considered as an indication of a future feud. The report also said that Strowman’s act was a sign of respect and not cowardice. Apparently, Strowman had no business to settle with the Deadman and that’s the reason he just walked out of the ring when confronted by the Undertaker during the last episode of RAW.