WWE NEWS: Braun Strowman To Be Suspended For 30 days – See Reasons…

Before the WWE had their brand split, The Wyatt family has been one of the most powerful stables in the company. The stable was made of huge and top superstars such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Luke Harper respectively.

The brand split separated these superstars from being stables in the WWE as all members were drafted into different brands. For example; Bray Wyatt joined the SmackDown Live while Braun Strowman joined RAW. Early before now, it was reported that Strowman requested Mick Foley who is the GM of the WWE Monday night RAW to give him a better opponent at his next match.

The voice of Braun Strowman seems to have been heard and tonight as the case may be, he may be granted his request and would be facing one of the biggest superstars in the RAW brand. Rumors has begin to flow from the among the WWE universe that Strowman will soon be suspended. According to the rumor on social media, it states that Strowman has been suspected to have been using drug and that once his match ends; he will go in for a drug test and will be suspended if he comes out positive.

Ever since the death of Chris Benoit who murdered his wife and son before killing himself due to brain damage, WWE has taken their wellness policy so serious that anyone who falls victim for the first time will observe 30 days suspension and if the fellow violates the policy for the second time his suspension days will increase to 60 days and if it lingers to the third time the contract of such talent is terminated permanently.

Well, we hope that Braun Strowman comes out of the test negative if the rumors are true. Anyway the rumor in the other hand may not be true but if it turns out to be true, we hope the talent in question comes out with a negative drug test results.