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The eater of world as the WWE superstar Bray Wyatt is fondly called has early before now been sidelined due to injury which made him lost out in several matches including live events as at then. Now, it looks like the worse has befell Bray Wyatt considering the fact that he has been revealed due for a WWE push which is set to happen sooner than later. Brayn Wyatt is currently in severe pains and agony due to his recent injury which he had sustained.

It was quite unfortunate that the WWE superstar Bray Wyatt could not make it through his match against Dolph Ziggler to determine the No.1 Contender for WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam. Bray Wyatt reportedly got hurt in the recent SmackDown Live Match against Dolph. But why now? This injury may prevent him from accessing lots of things due to him this season and it will surely be seen as a scary moment to fans who support Bray Wyatt.

According to, the referee threw up “X” really quickly once Bray Wyatt rolled his ankles, he seemed to be bothered about it throughout the match but somehow managed to get through the pain and completed the match. Well, even up to this time, the present condition of Bray Wyatt has not been announced by the WWE so we do not know whether or not he is getting better. Nevertheless, we only hope that Bray Wyatt is not in bad conditions right now so that he can come and take on with his Push which is set to happen in the coming months.

Bray Wyatt is no doubt a superstar in the WWE and not just a superstar but a superstar with a future that is so bright and enticing in the WWE. Talking about Bray Wyatt as a talent, he has no problem whatsoever; his in ring skills are competent, his entertaining and mic skills are excellent. Bray Wyatt has the potentials that can take the WWE rooster to another level if his health permits him.