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The undisputed champions of the WWE, The Bella twins has indeed be of remarkable impact in the company even after it seemed that both will not wrestle again due to injury of Nikki Bella and that of Brie Bella’s husband which forced her to retire.

Brie had to retire from profession wrestling to take care of her sick and injured husband, Daniel Bryan who has been confirmed medically that he cannot in any wise wrestle again in the ring of WWE. Bryan has been trying to see if he can make things work out so that he will retire as a wrestler but it has been proven impossible with WWE, he currently the SmackDown live general manager.

Brie Bella’s pregnancy is gradually coming to an end as she will be putting to bed sooner that later. Before now, the former divas champion has revealed that her time to put to bed is in April which is just by the corner.

Discussion with some news team, Brie revealed her life after pregnancy, how she would want to return to the ring again as a wrestler, whether full time or part time. She said: “I think for me, I want to get back in the ring one day and so the pressure of getting back into that shape will be there, but other than that I’m just going to enjoy the fact that I’m going have this new little girl,” she shares. “I think I’ll definitely be working out, but I think it might be a slow process for me. Who knows? But I’m not going to stress out about it.”