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Brock Lesnar made a show up recently to the WWE Monday Night RAW show along side with his advocate Paul Heyman it was happened that at the his appearance at the show, Randy Orton dished out a delicious spice to him by feeding him with the RKO from nowhere. The glance was so alarming and terrifying as this was so serious on Brock Lesnar.

After the Monday Night Raw show, the next day happened to be the day for SmackDown and Brock Lesnar also showed up alongside with Paul Heyman but this time he gave Orton back what Orton gave to him by rendering him his finisher F5. This was revenge indeed and a mark of what is set to happen between the two champions at the WWE SummerSlam. Paul Heyman’s appearance with Brock Lesnar did forced the WWE to re-sign him in a new contract in the WWE.

Report states that, after Brock Lesnar’s appearance, it was revealed that both the WWE officials and the mastermind behind ECW put their differences aside and Heyman signed a new contract prior to his appearance on Monday night. Though Heyman was not released by WWE both his contract with the WWE expired and needed to be renewed but the negotiations between him and the company did not just work out and that has been the reason for the delay since all this while.

Well, source is reporting that Heyman’s on-screen client, Brock Lesnar, turned out to be one of the biggest factors behind the WWE re-signing Heyman despite having a contract dispute with the Advocate. PWinsider also reported that Brock Lesnar wanted Heyman to be at his side during his WWE return and he forced officials to reach an agreement with the former ECW commissioner so he could accompany the Beast on his return.