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If the names of big time superstars are to be mentioned, the name of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar will be at the top most of the list for indeed he is a star and warrior.

Brock Lesnar is one of the most feared and respected in the WWE and in UFC MMA. The Beast as he is called h It was reported that several fans tuned into UFC 200 just for watching the clash of Lesnar and Mark grown to become a top stars who has attracted the attention of fans across the globe. What an awesome personality!

Brock Lesnar is not ignorant of the fact that he highly esteemed and that he draws much fans to any event he is to appear on. So, being acquainted with this fact, Brock Lesnar demands for more amount of money for an appearance and to maintain peace he is not been denied his request. Lesnar seems to be one of the most paid athletes of the WWE and even the UFC even though he is not a full time wrestler but he still earns more than some full timers.

Before his UFC 200 match against Mark Hunt, he was rumored that Brock Lesnar will be paid $2 Million for the fight but now it is revealed that he will be paid lots more than that and according to, Brock Lesnar will likely get $8 million for his appearance and fight against Mark Hunt. Wow! This is quite a huge sum of money anyway don’t you think so?

Furthermore, Brock Lesnar will soon start to appear on WWE since his UFC match has come to pass, his WWE appearance is to build up his feud for WWE SummerSlam. As the WWE did announced few days ago that Brock Lesnar will facing Randy Orton in the WWE SummerSlam.