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Ultimately, there have been rumor running up and down in the WWE Universe stating that Brock Lesnar was advertised for the WWE July episode of SmackDown. Be it as it is now, the rumor has been declared to be force.

Like every other SmackDown events, the July 19th episode of SmackDown will be a very cheering moment to fans and for their entertainment as well. There will be lots of features at the WWE Draft on that day and it is really going to be exciting.

The reason why Lesnar’s appearance at the event was declared to be false was because the source of the news of once carried a similar false story saying that next year’s Royal Rumble will be held in Los Angeles and even went further to say that the card for the match was on sale, and this rumors flied to every nuke and crowning of the country.

Obviously, Brock Lesnar returned to MMA on July 9th at UFC 200, and his opponent for the match was announced to be Mark Hunt. According to report, Mark Hunt has won several knockout titles all through his career as a UFC and MMA fighter; he was the former UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Well, to cut long stories short, Brock Lesnar was not in any wise advertised for the July 19th episode of SmackDown, so, if you have believed this rumor, you’d better nixed it out from your brain because it won’t come to pass.