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Lately, since after the return of Bill Goldberg to the WWE ring, fans has believed that the return that would happen so soon is that of their favorite man CM Punk who also left WWE in bad conditions just like Bill.

While fans believe this, they never knew that CM Punk has not made up his mind to return any sooner to the WWE. His return may never happen. Punk has been so angry with the entire bodies of WWE since his departure and with the observations; he thought that returning to WWE may be a huge loss to him in his career.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that Punk still believes that going back to WWE will be a loss in life for him. Meltzer said:

“The thing with Punk is that, according to those close to Punk, he would see going back to WWE as a loss in life, where Goldberg was just a businessman who had hard feelings about the past but would have no trouble letting them go if it was the right business.”

More so, it is revealed that CM Punk has not changed his mind yet considering a WWE return and as a matter of fact, his recently revealed thoughts only resemble the early statements Phil gave following his WWE departure back in 2014.

While we believe that someday the former leader of the Straight Edge Society will return to WWE, we should also consider a means a conviction that may make him change his mind about returning to WWE.
Well, now from your own perspective, how do you view the whole idea of CM Punk’s return to WWE? Do you think it would really be a huge loss or it may be a pleasant thing? Send us words, we hope to hear from you!