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The release of the WWE Superstar Cody Rhode by the WWE has indeed given him a chance to shine even brighter in his profession as a wrestler.

Lately, we gave the report that Cody Rhode requested his release from the WWE Company because he felt that his role in the company has become a thing too rough for him to bear. The report stated that he went to the WWE Creative to see if they can do something about his role in the company but they refused.

After Cody Rhodes release, his wife too requested for her release which was also granted and now, she is off the company. Reports stated that Cody Rhode is still stinking in the business of wrestling. He took to Twitter not quite long to post his desired opponents. That is, those he wants to fight now that he is free.

It is revealed that the Bucks have found Cody Rhodes worthy to be a member of most famous stable in the world of wrestling The Bullet Club. This will be a shame to all in the WWE Creative seeing Cody Rhode as a Bullet Club member performing in his best skills. Below is the list of opponents by Cody Rhode.