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According to Daniel Bryan, the hardest part of his current WWE role is watching the whole display in the in-ring but not being part of it. It hurts though, even as a former champion of the WWE. It was revealed that Daniel Bryan retired from WWE due to a career threatening injury which was so severe.

More so, Daniel Bryan has made returns to the WWE twice after his retirement. He did returned recently to the WWE television, well, the first time he returned was as a commentator with Mauro Ranallo for the Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE Network and now the second time has been as the General Manager for Smackdown Live.
Furthermore, in promoting SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan spoke with the recorder saying:

“I had to go out to Florida (to shoot Total Divas) and we’re in John Cena’s house for four weeks or whatever and there’s cameras just on you all the time,” Bryan said, adding that it was there that the toll that the stress and uncertainty around his livelihood came boiling to the surface.

“I just had this horrible mental breakdown,” he said. A lifelong outdoorsman and environmentalist, Bryan did what came most natural to him, he found nature to help him cope with his extreme sadness.

“That’s what I needed. I needed to get away from all of that and just get out to be by some trees,” Bryan said, emotion bubbling to the surface. “It’s hard for me. I don’t do really well in cities, which is crazy given that we’re flying in and out of these major cities every week. Brie (Bella, his wife) describes it as anxiety. And she would be accurate. I get this anxiety in cities and places like that. When you grow up in kind of a small town and when you grow up around a lot of green and trees and nature and that sort of thing, sometimes I think it’s a little mentally disconcerting to be around this concrete.”