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Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from professional wrestling due to injury. He has had series of concussions; this was so hurtful for the superstar whose contract has never come to an end and his fans still looks unto him but the reverse was the case.

Some months after Daniel Bryan’s retirement, it was announced that he was returning to WWE no longer as a wrestler but as the General Manger of the SmackDown Live brand. In a recent episode of Smackdown Live in Philadelphia, Daniel Bryan narrated his injuries and his retirement to o the Associated Press and these were his words:

“I honestly do.All the real concussion specialists who deal with concussions every day, all of them think I am fine.” . This is not to say that he does not understand WWE’s perspective. On that he said:

“You can see it from their point of view,” Bryan said. “If something happens to me…and then they let me back in the ring, and something happens to me, even if these other doctors say I’m cleared, they’re not the ones who the media will blame.

Because concussions are such a hot topic issue and everyone’s afraid of that sort of thing, that’s one of the reasons why I wasn’t cleared.”

More so, Daniel Bryan explained that he still wants to wrestle again, that sometimes he just feels like requesting his release from the WWE that will give him the chance to wrestle as an independent wrestler. He said that he was not asked if he would be a manager or not, he was only informed that about him being the SmackDown’s Live manager.

“Hell, I might even be wearing a mask at an independent show next week dressed up as Star Man,” Bryan said. “Because it’s what I love to do. But, it becomes different when you have a wife and you’re trying to have kids.” He said.