WWE NEWS: The Death That Caused Great Troubles In WWE — WWE Still Regrets It Until Date…

Within the years, so many wrestlers both male and female has gave up the ghost and it has been so painful for the company for the massive losses of their superstars.

Legends and icons of the WWE both great and mediocre has all come and gone leaving a each a scar in the heart of fans, friends and families. Really, we miss them for what they do and for their impact to lives of young and upcoming wrestlers. Some of these ones that has come and gone were mentors to so many others.

More so, when the news of Chyna’s death was announced, it was as if WWE was coming down even though she was not in WWE before she died. After her death, there were lots of rumors and some kinds falsehood as to what killed her. But even at that, the true cause of her death was revealed.

Having done much investigation by some notable sources, the possible course of Chyna’s death has been revealed. According to reports she died as a result of drug overdose as she had been battling with overuse of drugs for a long time.

She had been on medication for anxiety and sleep deprivation which eventually got into her and affected her systems negatively.

Chyna’s clear overdose may have resulted from the prescribed pills found at her glamour home. This was revealed when one of her friends checked on her after receiving no response from the former wrestler.

Also, according to the International Business Times, Chyna’s death may be related to a possible drug overdose.

In the long run, report shows that Chyna was found in Californian home at 7:30 p.m. PST when the incident occurred.

Chyna’s death touched so many hearts because she was indeed a superstar and a loving woman in the field. She was loved by many in the field. May her soul continue to rest in perfect peace!!!