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Nobody would have known that Dwayne Johnson popularly known as The Rock has a slight quarrel with with top WWE Superstar until when he decided to break the silence and gave up his anger which has lasted with him for some time.

The Rock was away from WWE for seven years and he returned only to start having issues with John Cena. These two has been enemies for years with the reasons best known to them. The Rock and John Cena has been enemies but finally, it seems that both has become friends again and best of friends.

In 2013, these fighters had a match which was so tough based on their enmity. The two superstars put in their best to face each other with anger and hatred. Vince McMahon is one man who loves to see friends turns foes so as he could use both against themselves. But the most amazing thing about this match was that The Rock who had for two years insulted John Cena finally respected him in the middle of the ring.

In an interview with ESPN‘s Jonathan Coachman The Rock admitted that him and John Cena has been in enmity for two years but now it has been resolved. They are now good friends. He said that their feud was in time pass and now they are buddies. As it is, it is revealed that among the whole superstars in WWE, The Rock and John Cena has similar passion and vision for life apart from their usual WWE career.

More So, talking about John Cena, The Rock opened up by saying, “I use to dislike him, now we are buddies”. Truly they are best of friends now. The two years silence has been broken. This indeed worth celebrating as the long time foes has become best of friends finally.