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The retirement of famous former WWE champion Daniel Bryan was a shock to almost everyone in the WWE Universe and since then he has not show up. He retired in february ealier this year and has been doing other things which was not made known to us.

Recently, reported that Daniel Bryan is returning to action and to be part of the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic because he was a champion and one of the best atheletes that is highly respected when it comes to ringside shows.

Daniel Bryan is the husband of one of the Bella Twin, Brie Bella and according to report, his wife has also retired with the intentions of taking care of his husband while they make babies. Now, since Daniel is coming back to WWE, will his wife return with him as Nikki Bella is planning to return after the return of her boyfriend John Cena?

Well, the choice is left for Brie Bella to make. It is clear that Cruiserweight Classic is a match that features 32 Cruiserweights. It is revealed that the SmackDown announcer Mauro Ranallo is called up alongside with the return of Daniel and the match will be live on air on the WWE Network. It is going to be tough and exciting. What do you think?