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It has been reported in several occasions, the absence of some wrestlers both male and female due to injury. Several Divas have been sidelined due very serious injuries which seems to be career threatening. After the WrestleMania 32 went off-air, it was reported that WWE Diva Naomi had a torn tendon in her ankle which have kept her off the ring for some months since April.

But it seems that she is fully healed and may make her return any moment from now. According to, Naomi is teasing about her return to the squared circle, via her social media accounts. Recently, she was asked on Twitter about her return. She further stated that she is returning to the WWE with a newer look.

More so, Naomi being in the list of eligible draft picks may indicate that the diva will be back on RAW or SmackDown very soon. At the Battleground pay-per-view this Sunday, Charlotte and Dana Brook will team up to face Sasha Banks and a partner of her choice.

There has also been speculation that former member of Team B.A.D, Naomi, may become the partner of Banks for the event. Sasha, Naomi and Tamina constituted the team B.A.D during the Divas Revolution last year. This indeed is a new look for the company having the partnering members of Sasha Banks and Naomi. These babes are champions no doubt and they tend to take over WWE for their own.

It is revealed that the Diva Naomi was the runner-up for the third season of NXT, which was won by the former Divas Champion Kaitlyn. After her main roster debut in 2012, Naomi often challenged for the Championship but she never managed to grab the gold. But I strongly believe that her return to the WWE with a newer look will give her the chance to take over and grab the gold which she has longed for all her years in WWE as a professional wrestler and Diva.