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There have been lots of happenings in the WWE Company lately. Not quite long, we saw how several talents were released by the company. Talents which includes fan favorite’s superstars. Last week end was the release of another fan favorite superstar Cody Rhode.

Obviously, Cody Rhodes requested for his release because he was no longer pleased with his role in the company. He talked things with the WWE creative but they refuse to change his role so he had to quit the business. Early this week, we learnt that Cody’s wife Brandi otherwise known as Eden Stiles also requested to be release and she was.

Now left in the WWE among Cody’s family is Goldust, Cody’s brother. Rumor went up that Goldust also want to leave the company but he denied this on Twitter saying that he is not planning to quit the company as of now. You will see tweets below.

Furthermore, Goldust has won the tag team gold twice with Cody. Goldust changed his name to Stardust. See Goldust tweets: