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While there is a huge tension over the seat of RAW General Manager, word is that, a new manager is on the way.

According to multiple sources, Mick Foley who is currently the RAW General Manager will be let go sooner than later. Yes, he is on the verge of leaving the company and that is in line with his noticeable fallout with Stephanie McMahon.

His feud with Stephanie is the major concern; it appears the two (Stephanie and Foley) are not on the same page for the past several weeks. She has also given a performance evaluation to him which got several negative comments. So, it is evident that at one point their relationship will break loose and Foley has to leave the flagship show for good, whether fans like it or not.

In January, Foley intimated the Ravishing Russian Lana that the General Manager position might soon be up for grabs. So, he knows about it and he’s already planning for a life after WWE.

According to, Kurt Angle could be in line to replace Mick Foley as the next GM of Monday Night RAW. Yes! WWE is currently looking to use Angle in a high-profile role on WWE TV.

As per reports from, Wrestlemania 33 will mark the end of Foley’s General Manager stint.

The fans might be surprised when it actually takes place but it is inevitable. Foley himself expressed his concerns about health. He might not continue doing these regular jobs of GM as his contract might also expire after Wrestlemania season is over.

A few weeks ago, Foley announced on Twitter that he is about to get a hip surgery. His post hinted that he could potentially lose his job. Here is what Foley posted on Facebook:

I’ll be getting my right hip replaced whenever I have a break in my schedule. The bad news is that a hip replacement will not allow me to fly for about six weeks, due to potential blood clotting issues – which can be fatal. Really nothing to play around with. The good news is that the GM position doesn’t offer much in the way of long-term job security – so that break might present itself as a natural course of events.