WWE NEWS: Finally GOODBYE To Superstar John Cena From WWE – Cena’s Has Done It!

The Former WWE Champion John Cena has met himself with the likes of Ric Flair by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion 16 times.

It was announced late last year that John Cena would be moving into more of a part time role with the company and while he is still scheduled to stay with the company until WrestleMania 33, it looks like Cena will be taking an extended hiatus from the company this time. In fact, after WrestleMania 33 concludes in Orlando Florida later this year, Cena isn’t scheduled to make another appearance in WWE until  Survivor Series in November.

That’s not to say things cant change further down the line, especially since WWE will want Cena for events like Summerslam, but at least for now, Cena is gone until November. With that being said, whatever Cena’s WrestleMania 33 match happens to be, its believed that WrestleMania will be the blow off match for Cena and wont continue into the pay per view that come after Mania.

According to Wrestlezone.com “On a related note, John Cena is not currently advertised for this event, or any other show following Wrestlemania 33 excerpt for WWE Survivor Series in Houston. These dates include the WWE European tour and the new Smackdown branded Money In The Bank PPV in St. Louis, leading to speculation he could be taking some more time off.”