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The whole story of the former US champion is not long a new topic. We have read and heard that he has been away from the company for over seven months now. Now, the news is that Cena will return on the May 30th episode of RAW. This night will be the most joyous night ever to fans who have missed him.

John Cena is worried already and he just feels like returning to the company as soon as possible for he has stayed more than expected. He never intended staying this long away from the game he knows how to play best. He really wants to return to take over his US Championship title.

John Cena said that his return to RAW will bring nothing but destruction to the show, in this discussion; he reveals his plans of re competing for the US Championship which he lost to Alberto Del Rio. Cena’s ultimate intension is to take over the US Champion.

Fans will be indeed very glad to receive Cena for they have greatly missed him. The US Championship has waxed cold after the disappearance of John Cena. But we strongly believe that the return of Cena will cause freshness of the title. What do you think?