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Report has it that Kurt Angle appeared at the Title Match Wrestling in an interview. During the interview, Angle was asked if he had spoken to WWE about returning to the company since the brand split.

Angle noted that you need more talent with the brand split, and said that NXT has produced amazing wrestlers, so they have enough talent.
The source gave the highlight of what Kurt Angle said as seen below:

“For me to go back it would have to be the right match and the program. Also, you have to have interest from Triple H and Vince McMahon,” Angle said. “I spoke with them a few months ago. They do have interest, they just don’t know what they want to do and they don’t know when. So I haven’t talked to anybody in the last few months. I don’t expect to until late fall, but you’re not going to see Kurt Angle in the ring this year. Maybe next year, may be not at all.”

It is revealed that Kurt Angle has not been seen in the WWE television for some years ever since has granted his release due to ill health and WWE was seriously worried about his injuries and health status. Observably, Kurt Angle wrestled Sabu at an ECW television taping in August of 2006 which was his last match with WWE and it was reported that he signed in to TNA the next month.

Recently on the wrestling observer radio, the highly reputed journalist, Dave Meltzer was asked, if WWE might reach out to Kurt Angle for next year’s 2K game and possibly for a return to the ring if there was enough fan support. Meltzer paused before answering, “So the answer to that question is yes.” This means that there are lots to expect from the former WWE champion’s return.