WWE NEWS: Finally Nikki Bella’s Boyfriend Leaving WWE At Last – See Details…

Once upon a time in the history of the WWE love affairs, Nikki Bella has been a perfect date for some sorts of WWE top superstars. Who will want to miss a date with Nikki Bella?

Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella were best of friends and lovers before things fell apart along line. Bella and Ziggler had to part ways and till date they are still not joined together.

Fortunately for Nikki Bella, she met another great superstar who happens to be one of the greatest superstars in WWE roster, John Cena. Well, with all that being said, Nikki and Cena are still in a relationship though not married.

It was previously reported that Dolph Ziggler was quite done with WWE but that was before he won the IC title from The Miz. Now, after his victory, the news has come again and this time reveals to be very serious.

In an interview with The Mirror, Ziggler spoke about his career, his career-threatening match with The Miz, and so much more. When asked about rumours as to whether he’d genuinely be leaving WWE or not, The Show Off said:

“I’ve been genuinely thinking that for about two years now. You know, whether your contract is up, paperwork wise, and whether it [is] timed with how this all worked out or not, WWE is a business, but [WWE chairman] Vince McMahon is still a human being and if I went to him and said I need to leave because I can’t be here anymore, because I can’t go any higher on the card, I believe he would understand that and let me go.”

Ziggler said that he definitely could go and do other things. He has been studying stand-up comedy for 20 years and said that he had the fortune of being on shows, which he didn’t believe he deserved.
However, despite all that, Ziggler said, “I am still prepared to be the best WWE Superstar I can be. If I cannot be the best or operate at the highest level, then I need to go away.”