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It is revealed that Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE only to fall in love with the WWE Diva Paige and for long they have been cohabiting couples. But now, it seem that they are couples no more. Previously, they were known as the newest couples in the WWE but now may be something might just affect their affiliation.

We have become so familiar with wrestlers dating each other in the WWE so we are not shocked when any of such news get to us. Alberto Del Rio is one of the newest relationships in the company and it seems that the brand split recently had in the WWE would cause slight damage to their relation and may even cause perpetual departure from each other. Know how?

According to, Paige and Del Rio weren’t happy about being drafted to different brands and that this may end up costing them their relationship. Paige was drafted to Raw while Del Rio went to the Blue brand. This a minor case for the both to handle, I do not see any case here but if they split up because of this, which means there is a problem somewhere and not because of the split in brand.

It is reported that Paige took off all Alberto Del Rio’s post on her Instagram which means that she do not want to have anything to do with Del Rio anymore another reason is the both superstars may just want the public to know that they are now to face their in-ring career completely as their off screen relationship was garnering.

Well, there were rumors that Alberto Del Rio would be in the list to be released before SummerSlam because of the simple reason that he is of less duty in the company but being paid much. Sometime last month, Paige and Del Rio was arrested for violating the domestic policy but though later was released in no mean time.