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For some time now, the former WWE Divas champion Paige has been facing some sorts of shame after that her private and personal photos and films was released.

At first, when the news broke out in social media networks, it sounded as if Paige released the tape and photos by herself but according to the official statement made by Paige on the issue indicated that the nudes were actually leaked and not her intention to have them revealed to the public.

Many numbers of the WWE fans are serious kicking that WWE should just release Paige and let her go but there is a second thought that should come to mind. Observably, Paige is not the victim of such and will never be the last either; there are others who have had similar issues but still with WWE today not fired, such as Seth Rollins and others.

Report has it that, WWE doesn’t care to know if she shared the nudes by herself or it was leaked and as a matter of fact, there’s a risk that she’ll be fired regardless of whether it was an accident or on purpose, which is causing an outrage amongst the Diva’s fans. Fans just want the case closed and watch her walk out of WWE. Paige’s mother is really out to see to the end of the matter.

More so, one of the videos revealed actually had Paige having sex with two wrestlers. In some others she’s seen doing a sex act with an adult toy. Again, in others, she’s seen engaging in oral sex with unspecified men. This has been a burden to fans and a case to be settled.