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Long before now, it was clear that the former WWE Champion Roman Reigns was suspended due to violating the company’s wellness policy and this suspension lasted for 30 days of which he is finally back to the ring to start up a career that seems as if starting afresh.

Regarding to the suspension of Roman Reigns, divers of rumors spread all over among the WWE Universe and beyond. And among the rumors was the fact that Roman Reigns was asked to apologize to the wrestlers in the locker room which was also reported that he did apologized without complaining before finally packing off from the room to serve his punishment of suspension which made him loss so many things.

Report reaching us states that; Seth Rollins came on Atlanta’s Bailey and Southside radio show and addressed the matter. He said that although the stories about Wrestler’s Court in the past had been true, with wrestlers policing each other as a group, he said that nowadays Wrestler’s Court is more about silly things like jumping line in catering rather than the serious incidents of the past.

Furthermore, Seth Rollins said, “No no no, that’s misunderstood. Roman addressed the locker room, just as a locker room leader, he was a guy who wanted to talk about the situation. That was not a Wrestler’s Court situation at all. The Wrestler’s Court is more of a lighthearted affair, this was strictly a professional thing between him and the company.”