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This is good news to fans and even a great and excitement era to WWE because the date scheduled for the return of favorite superstars draws close as the days passes by.

John Cena has earlier pronounced that he will be returning on the episode of RAW on 30th May which has caused an even more amazing moments to fans. John Cena’s return to the ring is war as he has vowed to take back his American Championship Title which he had lost.

Not quite long, we reported how Vince McMahon announced the return of main event fighters such as Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt probably in June. Specifying Vince McMahon’s announcement, reported that the return of these superstars will be on the 6th of June episode of RAW.

It is indeed amazing to hear this story of several superstars returning almost on the same day. Seth Rollins was revealed to have been fully recovered from the injury which he sustained during his live event match against Kane. And according to reports, Rollins was seen training in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida last weekend. This truly marks his great return the ring. What a good news indeed.