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CM Punk happens to be one of the most celebrated superstar in the world of wrestling. CM Punk is still very much appreciated even though he is no longer with the WWE.

The former WWE world heavyweight champion CM Punk was fired by the WWE for a reason which is yet to be told. It is revealed that the most embarrassing and annoying thing about Punk’s contract termination was that he was fired on his wedding day with former WWE women’s champion AJ Lee.

More so, it was reported that WWE has finally found a replacement for the former champion CM Punk. CM Punk is the longest title holder with 340 days and ever since his departure from WWE, no superstar has broken the record of that title reign.

Two years after CM Punk’s unceremonious exit, WWE found a replacement for the Former WWE Champion in its latest signing, Tommy End.

The comparisons stem from the stark similarities between the two. Tommy’s tattoo-clad appearance and a minimally muscular physique bears resemblance to that of Punk, and interestingly, the 31-year-old Dutch wrestler also holds another common trait with Punk.
Tommy’s skill-set is a perfect balance of mixed-martial arts, kicks and high-flying maneuvers, which is quite similar to that of Punk.

As a matter of fact, Tommy is a better a worker in between the ropes if you scrutinize things carefully. This is so real. Below is a prove of the whole story: