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It is said that ever since AJ Lee left the company with her husband CM Punk, WWE has not recorded any other diva with the likes of her in ring performance.

AJ Lee was indeed a fan favorite full of energy, enthusiasm and positive drive for her career. Observably, there are lots of divas that may be compared to Lee but none could be like her. Presently in the WWE, there is Nikki Bella, Charlotte Flair and even Sasha Banks.

Reports states that Sasha Banks has finally taking the place of AJ Lee in the WWE due to her serious minded commitment in the WWE regarding her career and lots more. Sasha Banks recently won the RAW women championship title back from Charlotte and this has become a hit.

Knowing full well that Sasha Banks is a brave star, WWE has finally decided to give her the place of former WWE Divas champion AJ Lee, fans rated Banks to be so and all in the WWE Universe just had to confirm it.