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Top WWE officials have been released over the years and most of them retired by themselves. Lately, it seems that WWE has just started to replace these ones who are gone out of the company.

Lillian Garcia was the last announcer that left the company. An d in replacement, WWE has found another good announcer and her name is Kayla Becker. Report states that WWE has signed a new NXT host named Kayla Becker, who will now be going under the name Kayla Braxton. Becker was a reporter for My Way at WESH 2 News in Orlando, Florida.

She also was the host of Nashville View, a web show regarding all things Nashville.

More so, it was announced that she will be on the road with NXT hosting and doing the announcing for House shows, as well as backstage on-air at NXT. She had her first gig at NXT Lakeland recently, and she was with Elias Sampson while he was cutting a promo.

Furthermore, she will join the likes of Andrea D’Marco, Charly Caruso, Mike Rome,etc. in live event announcing for NXT. The NXT house show circuit has been heating up for a while now and now, and she may even get a chance to announce when NXT goes to Japan and Australia this December. With NXT globally expanding the way it has been, there is no better to time to get on board with one of professional wrestling’s hottest products. See tweets below: