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Lately, the former WWE NXT champion Finn Balor was debuted into the main rooster of the WWE by cleanly defeating the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns in a match at the WWE Monday Night RAW show. Finn’s debut was seen as one of the best in the course of the WWE history and more alike.

Recently, a latest interview of the Former NXT Champion Finn Balor was posted. Below, are some of the highlights of the interview as reported by
On the question of which WWE superstar he is most looking forward to wrestling in the main roster, Finn took the name of none other than his SummerSlam opponent Seth Rollins:

“You know, you’re gonna think I’m making this up. But for the longest time, there has been a kind of mutual respect/competitiveness between myself and Seth [Rollins], I think. We both take a lot of pride in our work and are very competitive, and of course, we both want to prove to each other that I’m better than him or he’s better than me.”

The former NXT champion also commented on being labeled as the next face of the company by many people and if it adds some extra pressure:

“You know, people are always going to label you as something. People can label me as the face of the future, but I’ve been doing this for 16 years. For me, this is nothing new. I’m very assured of my ability when I’m in the ring. Sure, I’m new to Raw and I’m new to WWE, but I’m not new to being in the ring. In the ring, I consider myself quite capable.”

Along with this he also talked about leaving NXT, his goals in WWE and more. Leaving the NXT was indeed a mature move which will set him in pace in life by introducing him to so many things which needs to be done.