WWE NEWS: Former Divas Champion To Be Released By WWE Officials – Goodbye To top Diva From The Women’s Division…


It is very difficult to get out of WWE officials’ wrath once any talent fall victim. In time past, lots of superstars have witnessed the anger.

Fans had thought that the former WWE Divas champion Paige still have some long run with the WWE but unknown to them the, the diva only has few months to go. Report has it that Paige will be leaving the company soon.

Paige is currently not in WWE due to injury which she suffered in time past and has undergone surgery for it. Report stated that she cannot return to the ring as of now until she recovers fully. Well, it is also worthy to note that Paige has a very wavering status with the company and may not last long after her return.

More so, pains of her first suspension and draft split are still fresh in her memory and this may cause her to demand a release in the nearest future. WWE officials will have no choice this time but to grant her request. So, with this, it is very easy to say that Paige is parting ways with WWE soon.